The Top Ten Bestselling Art Prints

The Top Ten Bestselling Art Prints

I love to see which art prints are selling the best each week, it's great to see which ones resonate with you! 

Let's take a look at the top 10 bestselling art prints at OMG Kitty over the last week.

  1. Remember When Art Print

'Remember When' Art Print - OMG KITTY

This print is consistently one of my bestsellers! I think the quote is so good at reminding people to appreciate their achievements and progress made right now. It encourages mindfulness and reflection which can sometimes be lost sight of in the constant pursuit of new goals.


2. The Best View Art Print

'The Best View' Art Print - OMG KITTY

This boho art print is another bestseller! The pastel colours, big warm sun and intricate botanical details transport viewers to a tranquil, otherworldly place. It's perfect for adding a touch of nature's calm to any room.


3. The Sun Will Rise Art Print

'The Sun Will Rise' Art Print - OMG KITTY

The Sun Will Rise Art Print is such a positive, motivational print. The quote, 'Even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise again,' combined with calming sun rise illustration is a bold and positive reminder that tough times do pass.


4. The Sun and The Moon Art Print

'The Sun and the Moon' Art Print - OMG KITTY

The Sun and the Moon art print is a fun illustration, imagining the sun and the moon as characters with their pets. Full of celestial charm and inspired by tarot cards, this is a great for adding some cosmic charm to any room!


5. In The Mountains Art Print

'In The Mountains' Art Print - OMG KITTY

The In the Mountains art print has a vintage boho charm that will elevate any space. Perfect for a bedroom, the calming warm pastel colours in this mountain print will add a restful feeling to your home decor.

6. Sunset Palm Art Print

Bring summer to you with this beachy tropical palm tree art print. The retro warm orange tones in this artwork will effortlessly brighten up your walls


7. Summer Moon Art Print

This celestial inspired art print is consistently a bestseller! The illuminated full moon in this print makes it a captivating choice and looks great when framed on the wall.


8. Starry Eyed Art Print

'Starry Eyed' Art Print - OMG KITTY

The intricate detail in this all seeing eye themed art print is perfect for boho enthusiasts, spiritual seekers, or anyone looking to add a touch of celestial charm to their home decor.


9. Be Kind To Your Mind Art Print

'Be Kind To Your Mind' Art Print - OMG KITTY

The ultimate positive art print! Designed to bring positive energy and promote self-care and mental well-being, this art print is great for adding to your home office decor.


10. The Moon Art Print

'The Moon' Art Print - OMG KITTY

The enchanting and feminine energy of this print is ideal for adding to any interior where you want to make a statement. This crescent moon art print is a real showstopper! 

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